Frequency Chart Print (24x36 inches)
Representing Quality and Refining Knowledge

"The Frequency Domain" print, created in 2010 by Gebre Waddell, can be found in studios and academic institutions across the globe.

Beautiful Spectrograms. It features spectrograms created from precise standardized recordings. Every note of each instrument is sounding for the same duration.

Sensitivity of the human ear. The bottom part of the chart, in green, shows the sensitivity of the human ear and thus how instruments, piano notes, frequencies and grand staff relate to it. What started out as the Fletcher-Munson curves evolved into the Equal-Loudness Contoursdisplayed here.

Almost every instrument. Most common instruments are shown here including orchestral, choirs, organs, electric guitar, bass and drums.

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Design Console
Rupert Neve Designs

CCRMA Department
Stanford University




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Frequency Chart Poster

Text is easily readable on the full size poster

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