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Your music can only be adjusted accurately in an accurate acoustic environment. We take acoustics very seriously, and follow the advancements of the field. Acoustic design is a big part of the "Stonebridge Difference". Many mastering studios have extreme acoustic problems that they will never tell you about or acknowledge, and some that they probably do not know about.

  • We have performed extensive room mode analysis to place and choose the types of acoustic absorption. This was done to encourage natural decay and minimize constructive and destructive modal decay.
  • Our room eliminates the measurable effects of standing waves.
  • Our room is free from flutter echo.
  • Our room is free from any measurable effects of comb filtering.
  • Through unique treatment of the first reflection points, we have eliminated the damaging stereo imaging effects caused by early reflections.
  • Our room is free from the negative effects of SBIR (speaker boundary interference response).
  • Our speaker placements were laser aligned and carefully measured.
  • The room insulation and acoustic paneling is by Owens and Corning
  • The studio was built per the recommendations of world class acousticians: Glenn Stanton (of Runnel), and Ethan Winer (of RealTraps)

Tyler Acoutic D1 Full Range Monitors - In mastering studios, high quality full range monitoring is essential. The most signficant benefit with these montiors is their amazing ability with translating to other listening systems and environments. It almost defies logic. The D1s produce a stunningly even frequency response, all the way down to 30Hz. Over the past few years, they have been chosen by mastering engineers over the Bowers and Wilkins 801s and 802s, because of their amazing sound reproduction and incredible accuracy. After 5 years of using Bowers and Wilkins 800 series monitoring that was widely popular during the 2000s, we made the switch and could never go back. The Tyler Acoustic D1s are the quintessential mastering monitors.

Bryston 4B Amplification - In our search for the best mastering amplification, we chose a Bryston 4B, and had it heavily modified for stunningly accurate sound reproduction. Bryston Amplification can be found in many of the worlds most advanced mixing and mastering studios. Many consumers are familiar with Bryston as the amplification used exclusively in IMAX theatres and other high-end cinemas.

Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control System - There is much more to the Avocet than the big green volume knob. The built in DA conversion is considered by many to be the highest quality and it's input offsets allow for seamless comparisons, allowing it to serve as a mastering console.

Sennheiser HD800 - These headphones are considered by many to be the most accurate.

AKG K702 - According to some sources, these are the most frequency linear headphones in production.


Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA Converter - The Crane Song HEDD provides almost legendary conversion quality.

Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control System - Many consider the Avocet to be the highest quality monitoring DA conversion and monitoring control system.

Lynx AES16 Audio Interface - This PCI interface allows for nearly limitless routing options and exceptional jitter elimination.

Sontec MEP-250 Analog EQ - Sontec EQs are found in the top mastering studios of the world including Sterling Sound, Masterdisk and here at Stonebridge Mastering. The Sontec is the measuring stick by which other mastering EQs are judged, especially in terms of shaping the all-important high frequencies.

Sontecs are known for their rarity — at one point, they were trading on eBay for up to $14,000. It was said that at one time, 95% of all hit songs were mastered using a Sontec EQ. Today, there are a few analog equalizers that match it’s strengths, but none exceed them. While other equalizers may have better looks, the Sontec equalizer remains at the pinnacle of mastering equalization.

Our Sontec is not modified, as some are. Burgess, the designer of the Sontec equalizers, advised us that all modifications he has heard of degrade the unit -- and he would know. He also described the details about how it is impossible for any digital EQ to emulate the action of the Sontec, with it's 1MHZ amplifiers. There will never be a plugin emulation. Our unit is pure and in 100% perfect condition, delivering the sweetest of tonality, daily.

Crane Song Ibis Analog EQ (custom modified) - While the Sontec provides glorious tonality, the Crane Song Ibis is top for surgical precision. It is well known for it's transparent quality, as well as having a "color" option so harmonics can be added to a specific frequency band.

DAV SIPP Mid, Side & Parallel Processor - The DAV SIPP in our analog chain allows the Crane Song Ibis to operate in mid/side and parallel mode simultaneously. This allows unqiue extreme precision with our Ibis in addition to it's custom modifications.

Pendulum Audio OCL-2 (vacuum tube/optical compression, custom modified) - The OCL-2 is a vaccum tube, two channel, opto compressor. Ours has been modified to maximize its most desirable charatersitics. The OCL-2 is seen by virtually all mastering engineers as the highest quality optical mastering compressor today.

Dave Hill Design Titan Analog PCM/VCA Compressors (custom modified pair) - The Dave Hill Designs Titan compressors are the newest design by Dave Hill (also the designer for Crane Song). The Titans are versatile like the API 2500 and Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, and capable of rich color like the Manley Vari Mu (which we had for 5 years and sold after discovering the Titans). With the OCL-2 and Titan combination, we have nearly infinite compression options.

Crane Song HEDD-192 - The Crane Song HEDD is not only an AD/DA converter but also provides "Pentode", "Triode" and "Tape" processing, with the expert quality associated with Crane Song.

Crane Song Avocet - The Crane Song Avocet acts as an analog console for making gain adjusted comparisons in addition to functioning as a DA converter.

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad DSP - This PCI DSP processor enables you to run effects at a much higher resolution than any native plug-in. Many professional mastering engineers consider UAD processing to be the very highest quality DSP available.

The Entire UAD-2 Plug-in Collection - We have every processor for the UAD-2.

All other digital processing we use was custom programmed by Gebre Waddell of Stonebridge Mastering.

Magix Samplitude Pro X

Most consumer and professional CD burning programs will not burn Redbook Standard CDs (a.k.a. PMCDs). The creation of Redbook Standard CDs requires specific professional software and hardware. If your CD is not Redbook Standard, then it will not play, or will malfunction in some CD players. Professional studios will give you a "finalized" CD of your mixes at the end of your session - that CD is not a Redbook Standard CD.

Magix Samplitude Pro X - PQ, Redbook.

Plextor Professional CD Burning with Plextools - Professional grade error checking certification, Redbook.

We accept material on SVHS ADAT tape.

DAT - We accept material on DAT.

DENON 780R THREE HEAD CASSETTE DECK - We accept material on cassette, which will be read into our system by arguably the finest cassette deck ever made.



Belden 1800F



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