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Our pricing is simple:  $100 per song.  We charge a maxmium of $1,000 if all songs fit on one 74-minute CD.


1) Dedicated and passionate mastering services rendered in our world class mastering studio by mastering engineer, Gebre Waddell.

2) (2) Redbook CDs ready for duplication / replication (see order form to request extras)

3) Hardware error checking certification of the Redbook CDs.

4) A CD and an online transfer of your music in MP3 format at several MP3 bitrates and in FLAC format, with processing specifically optimized for those formats.

5) DDP transfer to your CD duplicator/replicator, if needed.

6) Permanant storage of your master CD in our Stonebridge Music Vault.

7) Regular communication with producers, mixing engineers and video production engineers who may need to communicate with us, even if it is after the job is finished.

8) Edits/revisions included in the price and are guaranteed.

9)  Absolutely NO additional costs or hidden fees.

10) Authorization to list Stonebridge Mastering in your album credits.


Stem Mastering

Stem mastering allows less compromise and a more refined sound than industry standard, traditional mastering. Major labels, television networks and commercial music producers know that stem mastering offers the fullest extent of the possibilites of mastering.

As the current music market is especially single driven, we think it is best to have two songs from your album mastered from stems, and the other songs mastered traditionally.

Pricing for Stem Mastering :

  • For 6 or less stems - $250 per song
  • For 7 - 10 stems - $350 per song
  • For 11 - 15 stems - $450 per song
  • For over 15 stems - $500 per song

Click here to visit our resource about stem mastering.

2 Day Order

Add $150.00 to your overall order for 2-day expedited service. We will place your order at the front of the line, and send it out via FedEx overnight, 2 days after receiving it.

Extra CDs

Add $10 each, for extra copies of your CD master on Taiyo Yuden Comercial Grade CD-Rs with error checking.

FedEx Overnight

Add $35 and we will send your order back via FedEx priority overnight shipping after it is completed.


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