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Placing A Mastering Order


What is the final price?

Our price is $100 per song. We charge a maxmium of $1,000, if all songs fit on one 74-minute CD. If any song is over 10 minutes long then it counts as two songs.

Add $10 for shipping, packaging and supplies to the price above.
Add the listed price for any additional services.


Getting the recordings ready for sending

If you have a final CD that a mixing engineer gave you, and you know that you cannot go back and get different versions or make any additional requests, then you can send what you have and disregard the rest of this section.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your final mixes are best prepared for mastering. If you can make requests of your engineer, or if you are a home studio engineer, please read the Preparing Your Audio for Mastering guidelines at the very bottom of this page.


Filling out our form

If you are mailing your order, click here to download the PDF mail order form. Fill it out in pen, and include it with your order.

If you are transferring your material to us over the Internet, you will need to fax this form to us at (901) 526-0486 after uploading your music and completing your payment.

Getting everything to us

There are three options for sending your material to us. You can mail us a CD, send your music by FTP or send it by a Internet file transfer service. There is more detailed information for each option under "Getting Your Recording to Us".

If you are sending by mail, you will need to include your payment by check, money order, or cashier's check payable to Stonebridge Mastering, or make an online payment. If you are sending your material over the Internet, you will need to pay online by clicking the "Online Payment" button below, under "How to Pay".

Finished your order? Click here to see how you can help us.


• Send via Mail:

Stonebridge Mastering
140 Jefferson Ave.
Memphis, TN 38103

Include the Stonebridge Information Form.

• Transfer online via FTP:

If you are familiar with FTP, you can quickly transfer your material to our server.

Simply pay online then email us at and we will instantly email you back a unique FTP login and password. Use the ftp program of your choice to log in and open these files.

Please name your .wav files as:

Track No. - Band/Group Name - Song Name.wav
example: "05 - Blues in Grey - A Long Time Comin.wav"

• Transfer online via the Web:

You can send your files to us right now by using the YouSendIt service:

You can use any other web file transfer service similar to YouSendIt, if you have another preference and file retrieval is easy.

1) See our Prices page.

2) Enclose payment in the form of check or money order for the amount plus $10 for shipping and handling.

3) Make check / money order payable to:

Stonebridge Mastering

4) You can also pay online via credit card, e-check or paypal by clicking here:



Finished your order? Click here to see how you can help us.

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