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Additional Services

Our regular price includes world-class mastering and digital delivery of your master in a format ready for replication / duplication (DDP format). You will be able to listen to this file with a player we provide, approve it and send it to your duplicator/replicatior. Digital delivery is included in the regular price.

Please check any additional services that you are ordering:

CD Master instead of digital delivery. Send me (2) physical master CDs ready for replication/duplication instead of digital delivery (Additional $45)

Archival-grade CD Master. Create an MAM-A 24 Kt. Gold Archival Grade Certified CD Master with 300 year life so that I may archive my master CD with longer life than standard master discs (Additional $65)

Mastered for iTunes. Create an additional Mastered for iTunes version of my album, optimized for the best sound on Apple's iTunes. With this option, .wav files are provided to you that must be transferred to your digital distributor (e.g. Tunecore, CD Baby, etc.) (Additional $10 per song)

Expedited Service (48 hour turnaround). With this option we guarantee completion of the mastering within 48 hours of all files and payment being received. If you order physical CD Media, it will be sent via FedEx's overnight service. ($299)

Export MP3s . MP3s created from our 24-bit mastering source project will be higher quality than MP3s created from the final master. We will also add metadata, including album artwork to your MP3s, if supplied. (Additional $10 per song)

Vinyl Mastering. We now offer vinyl masters, ready for pressing! Have Jeff Powell (Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more), master your album to vinyl using the former Stax Records cutting lathe. Call for pricing.

Gap between tracks. There can be a CD pause gap set between audio tracks on your CD. The pause gap is usually set to "0" today, with the spacing between songs set to where they sound natural, but 2 seconds was typical years ago.

How many seconds would you like the gap to be? 

Track Names, Fades and ISRC codes. Enter your track names, ISRC codes and the length of the fade-out in seconds.
If the fade-out field is left blank, we will leave it as-is  If you want us to use our best judgement on the fades, just type SM.  If you do not want ISRCs embedded, just leave it blank. If you want us to assign ISRCs, click the box at the very bottom. Click here to learn everything you need to know about ISRCs.

I do not already have ISRC codes for these recordings and I want Stonebridge Mastering to assign them.

Track 1: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 2: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 3: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 4: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 5: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 6: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 7: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 8: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 9: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 10: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 11: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 12: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 13: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 14: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 15: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 16: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 17: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 18: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 19: ISRC: Fade-out:

Track 20: ISRC: Fade-out:

Additional Notes.  Please use this area to tell us anything and everything you think we may need to know about this project.

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