Additional Services

Physical CDs. Some people prefer to deal with CD media. However, they take extra time to create. Choose this option and we will send 2 certified master CDs. Otherwise the masters will be digitally delivered (in DDP format). Additional $45 for CD masters.
Mastered for iTunes. Apple's Mastered For iTunes program is becoming increasingly popular! Have a separate version of your album mastered to sound it's best on iTunes . More info here. We will prepare an additional "Mastered for iTunes" version of your album. Additional $10 per song.
Archive Archival CDs. Traditional CD-R media are estimated to last anywhere from 5 to 30 years. MAM-A 24-Kt. Gold Archival-Grade Discs are made to last over 300 years. Additional $65 per MAM-A 24-Kt. Gold Archival-Grade Certified CD Master.

Expedited Service (48 hour mastering). With this option we guarantee completion of your order within 48 hours of all files and payment being received. With our digital delivery this means you'll be ready super-fast for replication / duplicaiton . If you order physical CD Media, it will be sent via FedEx's overnight service. Additional $299.

Export MP3s. MP3s created from our 24-bit mastering source project will be higher quality than MP3s created from the final master. We will also add metadata, including album artwork to your MP3s if it supplied to us. Additional $10 per song for high quality MP3s.
Vinyl Mastering. We now offer vinyl masters, ready for pressing! Have Jeff Powell (Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more), master your album to vinyl using the former Stax Records curring lathe. Call for pricing.

What does the regular price include? The price for mastering is $75 per single, or $50 for two or more songs. That includes our full mastering service and electronic delivery of the master in a format used by replicators and duplicators (WAV format by default and DDP format upon request).

How to order additional services. Simply check the extras you want on our order form and add the amount to your payment.

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