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Stonebridge Mastering is located in the heart of downtown Memphis, TN, three blocks from the bank of the Mississippi River. The address is 140 Jefferson Avenue, a historic building with part of the original brick structure dating back to the mid-1800's. The spirit of Memphis's rich music culture and the music history of the Mississippi River Delta are present in its walls.

All title pictures below were taken at the Stonebridge Mastering Facility

Your music can only be adjusted accurately in an accurate acoustic environment. We take acoustics very seriously, and follow the advancements of the field. Acoustic design is a big part of the "Stonebridge Difference". Many mastering studios have extreme acoustic problems that they will never tell you about or acknowledge, and that they probably do not know about.

  • We have performed extensive room mode analysis to place and choose the types of acoustic absorption. This was done to encourage natural decay and minimize constructive and destructive modal decay.
  • Our room eliminates any measurable effects of standing waves.
  • Our room is free from flutter echo.
  • Our room is free from any measurable effects of comb filtering.
  • Through unique treatment of the first reflection points, we have eliminated the damaging stereo imaging effects caused by early reflections.
  • Our room is free from the effects of SBIR (speaker boundary interference response).
  • Placements were laser aligned according to the methods of Bob Katz
  • Room insulation and acoustic paneling by Owens and Corning
  • The studio was built per the reccommendations of world class acousticians: Rod Gervais (author), Glenn Stanton (of Runnel), and Ethan Winer (of RealTraps)

The fidelity of your music depends on accurate adjustments. Have your music adjusted with our refined audio microscope here at Stonebridge Mastering.

Bowers and Wilkens 800 Series -
Can also be found at Abbey Road Studios (U.K.), Skywalker Studios (L.A.) and Sterling Sound (N.Y.). Considered by many to be the ultimate monitors for mastering, the B&W 800 Series draw on a wealth of innovative technology and manufacturing processes.

Two (2) Bowers and Wilkens Subwoofers - Due to certain audio engineering concepts, there is no way to accurately monitor and master bass frequencies with only one subwoofer. Extremely accurate monitoring (and EQ) of bass frequencies absolutely requires two subwoofers. This concept is covered in detail in the book "Mastering Audio" by Bob Katz.

Bryston Amplification - You will find Bryston Amplification in many of the worlds most advanced mixing and mastering studios. Also, it is likely that you will find Bryston in your city's most advanced theatres. Because of their accuracy, Bryston was contracted to provide the amplification for IMAX theatres, and are used in many other high end cinemas.

Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control System - This is much more than a volume knob. The built in DA conversion is considered by many to be the highest quality DA conversion in the industry. It provides more accurate monitoring than mastering studios using the more common Apogee for DA conversion. We can say this with confidence because we have the Apogee Rosetta 200 that we sometimes use for it's UV22 dithering, and sometimes for multitrack overdubbing but rarely ever for conversion. The result is higher fidelity for your music.

Sennheiser HD800 - Many people consider these to be the world's finest headphones.

AKG K702 - According to some sources, these are the most frequency linear headphones in production.

Beyerdynamic DT770

Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA Converter -
Praised by Bob Katz as one of the best AD/DA converters in existence. "HEDD", short for "harmonically enhanced digital device", is a technological breakthrough in signal processing. HEDD is engineered to be musically transparent while providing the capability of generating tube/analog sounds in the digital domain. Crane Song HEDDs are considered by many professional engineers to be the highest quality conversion available. This means higher fidelity for your music.

Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control System - What many consider the highest quality monitoring DA conversion.

Apogee Rosetta 200

MOTU 896HD Audio Interface

We offer full analog mastering by request (otherwise we choose what seems best for your music)

Neve 5033 Dual Channel (EQ) - The 5033 is a 5-band master sculptor, with a perfect balance of transparency and rich musical tonality.

Pendulum Audio OCL-2 (all tube compression) - The OCL-2 is an all tube, two channel, electro-optical compressor/limiter designed for the utmost in transparency, detail and versatility. The short signal path design uses a custom optical input attenuation network in front of an all tube class A gain stage. Since the signal path is entirely transformerless, Pendulum Audio has eliminated the coloration inherent in transformer-coupled tube designs. The result is an open, detailed sound with an expanded sound stage and clarity that can only be achieved with this kind of tube circuitry.

Manley Variable-Mu (limiter) - Variable-mu limiting isn't a new idea. You'll find this principle in action in things like the Fairchild 660 and 670. The re-biasing of an amplifier tube, especially a triode that was designed with remote shutoff in mind, produces a very large, euphonic, and exceptionally musical gain reduction scheme. All gain reduction cells, from Opto to diode bridge to J-Fet have their certain character but so far in our travels we've found that compressors employing the "remote cutoff" principle of gain reduction offer a musicality very different (and very pleasing) from all other gain reduction methods.

We offer full digital mastering by request (otherwise we choose what seems best for your music)

With our acoustic environment and detailed monitoring system, the effect of our studio's digital devices and plug-ins are far more precise than is possible with mixing or home studio grade monitoring and acoustics.

Algorithmix Red EQ
- In "Mastering Audio" by Bob Katz (considered the foremost text on the field of mastering) the Algorithmix Red EQ is said to be the only VST/DX Eq that is as good as any outboard digital or analog mastering EQ.

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad DSP
- This PCI DSP processor enables you to run effects at a much higher resolution than any native plug-in. Many professional mastering engineers consider UAD processing to be the very highest quality DSP available.

UAD-2 Plug-in Collection- We have the precision mastering tools added to our UAD-2, as well as nearly every other plug-in they have available.

Refined Audiometrics PALPAR EQ

Waves Diamond Bundle - Legendary Plugs.

Q10 - Paragraphic Equalizer (this product was advertised as being used by the "Neptunes")
C4 / LinMB Compression (this product was advertised as being used on Coldplay's album, "Clocks")
L2 and L3 Multimaximizer (this product was advertised as being used in scoring of "Spiderman" by producer Rob Arbittier)

Waves Mercury Bundle
Waves V-Series Bundle
Waves SSL 4000 Collection
Waves API Collection

Magix Samplitude 10
Magix Sequoia 8
We have installations of Protools, Cakewalk Sonar, and Adobe Audition for added compatibility

Most consumer and professional CD burning programs will not burn Redbook Standard CDs (a.k.a. PMCDs). The creation of Redbook Standard CDs requires specific professional software and hardware. If your CD is not Redbook Standard, then it will not play, or will malfunction in some CD players. Professional studios will give you a "finalized" CD of your mixes at the end of your session - that CD is not a Redbook Standard CD.

Magix Samplitude 10 - PQ, Redbook.

Plextor Professional CD Burning with Plextools - Professional grade error checking certification, Redbook.


We accept material on SVHS ADAT tape.

DAT - We accept material on DAT.

DENON 780R THREE HEAD CASSETTE DECK - We accept material on cassette, which will be read into our system by one of the finest three head cassette decks ever availabe.




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